Get spreadsheet key of the embedded spreadsheet

Do you want to get the spreadsheet key of the spreadsheet which is embedded in current site page :) Here is a quick example which works like a charm.

This question was asked in Google Apps Script Forum. Check this thread for detail (Google Site - spreadsheet embeded - Get the key ?).

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Example code:

function doGet() {

  //get the active page

  var page = SitesApp.getActivePage();


  // Get the content of the current page

  var htmlContent = page.getHtmlContent();

  var filteredContentArray = htmlContent.match(/src=\'http:\/\/\/spreadsheet\/loadredirect\?chrome=false&key=[0-9A-Za-z]+/g);

  var ssKeys = []

  for(var i in filteredContentArray){

    var key = filteredContentArray[i].match(/key=[A-Za-z0-9]+/)[0].substring(4);




  //Create an application to display the spreadsheet keys which are embedded in this page

  var app = UiApp.createApplication();

  for(var i in ssKeys){



  return app;


Sample Embedded Spreadsheets:

Key of the embedded spreadsheets displayed by Apps Script Gadget: Demo