Create calendar events by submitting form

This is an example to show you, how to create a calendar event by submitting a UI form.


In this example, I have created a UI form which asks for event Date, event Title, and event Details. Once the form is submitted, it gets the particular calendar and creates an event in it starting at 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM (Your local time) on the specified date. Also, it will log the same event information in a spredahseet.

To try a live demo of this exmaple, Fill this form and click the 'Create Events' button. To see the event in Calendar and Logs in spreadsheet, refresh the page. The time which will be shown in Calendar & Spreadsheet, which you see, will look different because all the time is Getting logged in IST (GMT+5:30) Time zone

UI Form

Log Spreadsheet Preview