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Contact Log Manager

This application is useful for those who used to contact many people through different means of communication. This application allows them to make a note of the conversation whenever he/she communicates. Application interface is designed to suit your Mobile and Tablet as well.

How to use this application:
  1. To begin, open the starter spreadsheet. You may need to log into your Google Account to proceed. If you are asked if you want make a new copy of the document, click "Yes, make a copy."
  2. Once loaded, give it an appropriate name: Click the File menu above and choose Rename.
  3. Now go to Tools menu and choose Script Editor, This will open the application script.

  4. Now go to line 6, and change the spreadsheet key to the current spreadsheet key. Below Image shows, how to locate the spreadsheet key.

  5. No you need to publish the script as a service, so that you can access it through a URL.
    Go to Share>Publish as Service.. in Script Editor, Now check the Enable Service option. Also, make a note of the service URL which will be used to access Contact Logger application. Now Save it.

  6. Now you will have to edit contact details in Spreadsheet.
    Go to Departments sheet and enter major categories of your contacts. Here I have mentioned different departments to which my contacts belong.
    Go to Contacts sheet, Enter the contact person details, first two columns are mandatory. Make sure that the column2 entries (contact categories/Department) match exactly to the categories mentioned in Departments sheet. 
    Now you Contact Logger application is setup. you may start using it using the service URL which you noted in step 5.
IMG1: Select Major Category/Department

IMG2: Full form to enter contact logs

IMG3: Successfull prompt after submitting Contact Log

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